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This twelvemonth Verizon settled with the Federal Communications Commission later the companion old soh-named supercookies an extremely - games friv online free To-keep off technology to track the web browsing of its wireless customers Though just about version of this practice is commonplace Verizon made the browse data available to other companies As disunite of the small town Verizon in agreement to notify customers nigh its targeting advertising programs and bear a 135 million ticket

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Laurel, B. ( 1998). Interviu su Brenda Laurel. J. Cassell & H. Jenkins (Eds.), Nuo Barbie games friv online free iki Mortal Kombat: Lyčių ir informacijos apdorojimo sistemos žaidimai (p. 118 - 135). Kembridžas, MA: MIT Press.

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